Eileen Reilly – Reflexology – Reiki – Indian Head Massage – Metamorphic Technique – Hopi Ear Candle




I’m a fully qualified Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Practitioner, Metamorphic Technique and Indian Head Message therapist.

I’ve been a natural therapist for over 25 years and have seen first-hand how the right therapy can make a positive and dramatic change to my client’s quality of life. I’m beyond passionate about the role natural therapy can play in restoring your optimal physical and emotional balance and general well-being. This is a treatment for mind, body and soul.

As a Reiki Master, I also offer Reiki 1+2, workshops for those wishing to learn how to heal their own body.

Natural Therapies
Listed below are a range of treatments I offer and a short summary of how they work and what they can help with. I use essential oils to create a personal and unique treatment, in a calm, supportive environment. Each session is approximately one hour long.

  • Reiki
    Reiki is a deeply relaxing therapy that encourages the whole body to heal. This non-invasive technique balances and harmonizes the whole body by working on a physical, mental, emotional and sub-conscience level. It can also be an ideal alternative treatment for depression from unknown causes.


  • Reflexology
    A gentle and effective therapeutic massage of the feet using essential oils. Reflexology addresses both the manifestation and root causes of your symptoms through precise massaging of reflexes in your feet. It is effective in cases of backaches, headaches, back-pain, digestive orders, migraines, PMT, insomnia, stress, infertility, and most other ailments.


  • Indian Head Massage
    A simple yet very effective massage working on the shoulders, upper back, neck, upper arms, head, face and ears. Indian Head Massage assists circulation, lymphatic drainage. It works on pressure points to relieve stress and muscular tension, and it’s good for migraines, headaches, sinus congestion, anxiety, insomnia and backaches. Very beneficial for those with desk jobs.


  • Metamorphic Technique
    This works on the spinal reflexes located in the feet, hands and head. Known to work at a sub-conscience level it can be used to re-establish a flow of life through physical, mental and emotional bodies. Many people testify to significant changes in their life as negative patterns of behaviour are transformed and inner harmony restored.


  • Hopi Ear Candles
    This treatment offers an alternative to ear syringing as well as relieve from ear, nose and sinus problems, headaches, ear-aches and asthma. Made from high quality natural products ear candles work on the same principle as moxibustion, to create a gentle suction action on the ear canal and drum. This treatment includes Reflexology to head and sinus reflexes to help clear sinus and neck tension.

Consultations are free and each session is approx an hour.
Medical Histories are taken to help provide the most appropriate treatment plan.


Where to find me:
I’m currently holding three clinics a week; two in North Wales – Mold and Denbigh, as well as mobile visits to clients on the peninsula of Wirral.

  • The Carriageworks, Denbigh.
    Fridays & Saturdays
    6A Love Lane, Denbigh. LL16 3LU
  • Beauty by Design, Mold.
    56/58 New Street, Mold. (above Andrew Clifford Hairdressing) CH7 1NZ
  • Home visits on The Wirral

I believe in genuine personalised care and I offer tailor made therapies that address client’s specific needs.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and I feel  that spending the time to truly understand my client’s health gives them the exact therapy they need. Read the testimonials below to see how Natural Therapy has helped just some of my clients.

“Eileen’s a fantastic reflexologist who accurately diagnosed some of my issues before the doctors had even identified them! Very friendly and honest practitioner who truly has the needs of the clients at heart. I would definitely recommend a visit as she is excellent.”
– Laura B. | Teacher

“I’ve been coming to Eileen for over twenty years. She has helped me tremendously with various medical issues over the years and I now have regular sessions twice a month as a preventative measure.”
– Colin A. | Retired

“Experienced Reiki by other practitioners with no effect – Eileen has a gift and I felt results after only 3 treatments with increased movement and energy”
– Tony C. Sports | Therapist

“After each session, I feel more balanced and positive and I’m free from any niggly aches and pains. She also treats my two children who love ‘having their feet done”
– Maria T. | News Reader

If you would like to find out more about the therapies I offer, or if they are right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.