For those affected by coronavirus: or simply stressed out!
This advice does not purport to be a cure for or prevention of the virus – please seek immediate medical help if you feel you need it. However, I know it will help many of you: read on!

Coronavirus – Some ideas to help the respiratory system
Here are some ideas to promote self-healing. Please have a go (it might take a few sessions) but the idea is to loosen tensions in the body which stop us breathing easily.


1. Wrap the fingers of one hand round the index or forefinger of the other hand. Choose whichever hand feels most comfortable.

An go a little way to alleviate fear. Do this for 20 minutes or until you feel a pulse.
2. Now hold your right index finger with your left hand and put your right palm on the lower abdomen (beneath your navel). Hold for about 20 minutes or until you feel you want to move.
This improves the flow of energy through the lung area.

3. Put the left hand over the right shoulder. At the same time hold the top of the right leg with fingers pointing to the groin. Reverse hands for the other side if you want to do this as well. Hold for about 20 minutes.

This helps respiratory processes generally by increasing the circulation of energy in the body.

When doing them you can first make yourself really comfortable and use pillows to support your arms if necessary. They are great to do when going to bed or if you wake up at night. You can do them lying down or sitting. To start with you may not feel much but a few days repeated practice should result in your breathing becoming deeper and more relaxed. This is not a cure-all and some people are more responsive than others, but it might be worth a go, especially for those who are self-isolating. Please share this information if you find it helpful.
These techniques are from a system of self-healing originating in Japan ( Jin Shin Jyutsu pronounced gin shin jitsoo) and said to be the forerunner of acupuncture.

Please give it a go!

Vivienne Hamilton Shields
Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner